How do Electronic Cigarettes Work?



If you have walked around and seen people smoking different weird looking objects, yet you smell no smoke in the process, don’t be alarmed they are not doing drugs. They are smoking what is called an electronic cigarette, and it is not only perfectly legal, but a safer alternative to cigarettes. With a cigarette the concept is fairly simple on what you are getting and what to do with it. It contains a filter in most cases, along with a paper wrapped over the tobacco that is then lit with a match or lighter and smoked. And electronic cigarette works a bit different.


An electronic cigarette comes in either a two component package or a three component package. The most common is the three and it contains these three parts: the battery, the atomizer and the cartridge. The two component package just combines the atomizer with the cartridge and it is then called a cartomizer. Obviously the common denominator here is the battery. This is what makes it an electronic cigarette as it works off of an electrical charge to give it power. These batteries are either a one-time limited use, or rechargeable. Cartridges contain the liquid that produces the flavor and nicotine. These can be refilled or replaced easily and there are many choices when it comes to flavors.

Making it work:

The liquid from the cartridge is pulled into the atomizer using tiny wire filaments that are actually small heating coils. These coils then heat the liquid which turns it into a vapor, that looks similar to steam. This is why it appears as if a person smoking one is blowing a puff of smoke. So when a person inhales from the electronic cigarette they are only inhaling a vapor and not any of the actual liquid. With prolonged use these atomizer and cartomizers will wear out, as the wire filaments will burn out or get sedimentation on them from the liquid lowering their ability to be effective.

There are many different types and styles of electronic cigarettes and the parts will vary in size and shape. Some are designed to look exactly like cigarettes while others are made to be a bit more colorful and stand out. There are those that resemble pipes which hold more liquid then their smaller counter parts as well. Many parts of electronic cigarettes are interchangeable so you can have a Frankenstein model of different parts that will still produce the same results.

Choosing The Right Electronic Cigarette Option




If you are wondering how to go about choosing an electronic cigarette brand, it is really easy to get started. Millions of people have already made the change toward electronic smoking. With this option there are many benefits and you will probably end up enjoying it much more than regular smoking. The electronic cigarettes come in many different formats, brands, flavors. To browse through what is already available, a quick internet search will find you hundreds of different kinds of electronic cigarettes that you can choose from. The most simple way to get started is to purchase the starter kit, it will include everything that you need in order to start your electronic smoking experience. If you are unsure of what electronic cigarette to purchase, make sure that you review a variety of different kinds online. Many people also post Youtube videos of their own personal reviews with the cigarettes. Find out about the smokes before you buy them. You can choose a flavor that you prefer above all others, don’t settle for just tobacco or menthol, go with something that you are really going to enjoy. There is a reason that so many continue to choose this method of smoking and it is because it is vastly beneficial to the old method of smoking. Luckily, you don’t have to shop around in stores and look for the smokes. If you have internet then you can look online through hundreds of different kinds that are available. Some brands are even healthier than others, offering nicotine-free options that are fruit-flavored for smoking. This is why many people have even been using this method of smoking to help them quit the old, harsh, smelly way of smoking. So if you want to be sure that you are purchasing a good brand, look through several reviews first to see what other people have said about the product. Unfortunately some electronic cigarette brands even go out of business and you can no longer purchase those items. So if you want to get one of the best, it wont take you long to find out online which one everyone is enjoying the most and which one is going to give you the most for your money. The flavors with different brands vary so in order to find one that you really enjoy you will need to shop around and choose the one that is right for you and your own individual tastes.